Progressive Farmer — SEPTEMBER 2013
Editor’s Choice: Truck-Mounted Hay Spear
Dan Miller

Stephen Dodson, of Stuart, Va., gets many compliments on the hay spear he built for his truck.A friend suggested he send his idea our way. So, here it is. There are two main sections to Dodson's Handy Device. The first is the support assembly. It is attached at two points to the truck. One length of square tube steel slides into the truck's 2-inch towing receiver. A support section of tubing runs on an angle from that first piece up to an angle iron bracket. The bracket is bolted to the truck bed.

The second section is the spear assembly. It consists of the main spear that is inserted into the bale for transport.Note the support plate welded to the lower spear end and spear frame. There also are two shorter spears mounted horizontally onto a length of square tube steel welded to the bottom of the assembly. These spears support the bale during transport. The spears are supported by triangularshaped pieces of plate steel welded into the space between the small spears and their mount.

The hay bale is raised and lowered by way of a pivot point Dodson built at the outer end of the support. The spear assembly is held in place there by a heavy nut and bolt. The work of raising and lowering the bale is done by the steel rope of a 3,000-pound winch. The rope end is attached to a heavyduty steel ring welded to the top of the spear assembly.

The electric winch is mounted to the bed of the truck and is powered by a 12-volt battery stored nearby. Not shown is a simple metal cover over the winch that shields it from hay debris. The switch to operate the winch is located inside the cab of the truck. Dodson says his truck-mounted hay spear easily handles 4- x 4-foot and 4- x 5-foot hay bales.

Illustrations: ralph a. mark jr.

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